Jeter’s mansion to be auctioned

West Milford. Derek Jeter’s mansion near West Milford Township will be auctioned with the minimum bid of $6.5 million on Dec. 15.

| 16 Nov 2022 | 11:01

Derek Jeter’s mansion on the shore of Greenwood Lake in New York state at the West Milford boundary will go up for auction, with minimum bid at $6.5 million on Dec. 15. This figure is about 56 percent less than the original selling price of $14.75 million in 2018.

Yankee Hall of Fame shortstop Jeter’s ties to Greenwood Lake are through the Connors family on his mother side. His parents were living at Greenwood Lake when he was born at Chilton Memorial Hospital in 1974.

His maternal grandfather William “Sonny” Connors grew up on the property after being adopted by John and Julia Tiedemann. The home was built in 1903 and purchased by Tiedemann in 1952. Derek’s mother is Dorothy Connors Jeter, daughter of Dorothy Tiedemann and William Connors. The Tiedemanns, originally from Jersey City, had 14 children and adopted Sonny when he was orphaned. When Derek was four years old his immediate family moved to Michigan. Derek grew up in Kalamazoo.

The 119 year old home has stone walls rising 6 feet high, 700 feet of lakefront property, the main house, guest house, a pool house and a boat house. The estate also has an infinity pool, gardens and a lagoon. There are two conference rooms, 12 bathrooms, five kitchens (four indoor and one outside.)

Records show the property was purchased by Greenwood Lake Properties of Detroit in 2002 from the Tiedemann family trust fund for $425,000 at that time. The estate was vacant at the time, after being used for apartments. The property and castle were originally developed by a New York City doctor, Rudolph Guidewell, for his wife in 1903.

Jeter and his family moved into a 19th floor apartment in Miami after he sold his large compound on Davis Islands in the Tampa area for $22.5 million in 2017.

He married model Hannah Davis in July 2016.