Just too cute!

| 16 Aug 2012 | 01:33

— Like many pet owners, Lisa Gaertner treats her cocker spaniel, Isabelle, to the occasional treat. In her case, Isabelle’s favorite treat is a vanilla ice cream from Dairy Queen. So, every so often, Gaertner heads to the Marshall Hill ice cream stand and makes her two-and-a-half-year-old “Issie Bee” a happy puppy.
That trip to the DQ also grabbed the attention of the producers of Animal Planet’s show, “Too Cute.” Looking for subjects for the network’s popular show, they found Gaertner through her Web site, www.pinecliffcockers.com. When they talked to her about Isabelle, who gave birth to her first litter of puppies on June 15, they asked what makes Isabelle special. As any loving owner could attest, there’s lots that is special about their pets, but when Gaertner mentioned she takes her to the Dairy Queen for a cool treat, that seemed to hook them. So, Isabelle and her soon-to-be pups became the subjects of “Too Cute.”
The crew has been at Gaertner's Pinecliff Lake home, filming Isabelle and her puppies, documenting their milestones along the way. And last Monday, the crew came out to the Dairy Queen to catch Isabelle getting her sweet treat.
Owner Dennis Korsakoff and worker Ally Mantione were part of the shoot, presenting Isabelle with her cone.
Gaertner decided to breed Isabelle because she loved her lines. This is her first litter and the new mom did a great job with her five puppies - Harry, Madeline, Hannah, John and Wyatt - Gaertner said. All have been spoken for, four of the five were chosen by breeders as top quality show puppies. And even though Gaertner does extensive interviewing with potential families for the puppies, it will be hard when that first pup leaves. That happens on Saturday when Wyatt’s new family picks him up.
Everyone can share in the joy of Isabelle and her puppies on Animal Planet's “Too Cute,” tentatively scheduled to air in October. For more information on the show, go to www.animal.discovery.com.
And Isabelle will keep enjoying her trips to Dairy Queen.