Lakeside Road crosswalk would connect townhomes and parking lot

| 26 Jun 2019 | 02:42

Drivers using a busy major connector road between the New York and New Jersey sides of Greenwood Lake will soon need to be aware of a crosswalk that is being installed on a section of Lakeside Road, or Passaic County Route 511, where townhouses are being built.
After Joseph Vince, Schwanewede/Hals Engineering, was granted approval from the West Milford Zoning Board of Adjustment to renovate the former Mountainside Inn building into nine town house units earlier this year, he sought necessary approvals to build a crosswalk from the motel to the opposite side of the road where there is a parking lot.
The Homeowners Association will be responsible to maintain the crosswalk in the future, according to officials.
Vince successfully approached the Passaic County Board of Freeholders for its approval, being that Lakeside Road is a county road.
He then visited the Township of West Milford Council at a May meeting.
During that meeting, he told the council that the county was 100 percent satisfied with the proposal and wanted West Milford to sign the developer’s agreement between the applicant and the county.
Vince said there would be signs on the road on the approaches to the crosswalk to slow down traffic.
Answering questions from council members, Vince said the county did not change the speed limit in the area of the crosswalk location.
There were also pedestrian safety concerns expressed by council members.
A need for appropriate lighting was also mentioned.
Councilwoman Ada Erik said that the marinas on Lakeside Road already have people frequently crossing from one side of the road to the other.
Mayor Michele Dale said she would send a letter to the freeholders informing them of the council concerns that were expressed.
The council requested feedback from Supervising Engineering Aide Eric Miller.
He said the township is the authority for setting speed limits on county roads within the township.
Miller said Lakeside Road is a small zone and he wants input from the county engineer about lowering the speed limit.
The township must ask the county for concurrence with the speed limit they set.
Miller noted a speed survey could be done.
Dale said Miller will reach out to the county first, and then the council can send its final request.
The council gave its consensus for Miller to contact the county and for him to sign the developer’s agreement.