Look. Up in the sky. There’s a plane. And another. And still more coming

Greenwood Lake. Cancelled last year because of COVID-19 restrictions, the Greenwood Lake Air Show returns on Aug. 13, 14 and 15.

| 29 Jul 2021 | 01:10

Daring, talented airmen will once again be taking to the skies and airfield at Greenwood Lake Airport to thrill spectators on the Aug. 13, 14 and 15 weekend. There is also much for people of all ages to see and do on the ground.

The excitement around the airport this year is overwhelming with last year’s show having been cancelled due to the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the day shows and activities there will be night shows on both Friday and Saturday.

The popular car show with trophies for winners in various categories will be held on Friday afternoon and again Saturday on the main ramp of the airport. There are a variety of rides and amusements that may feature an obstacle course, a bounce house, inflatable slides, freedom ump and American Ninja experiences.

The interactive living history experience presented by the Army Air Forces Association will be back to continue teaching history about World War II as the stories of countless young men and women who took to the skies to defend democracy and freedom in far flung lands around the world are told. The Association, based in Oradell, is a nonprofit interactive living history museum honoring the sacrifices of aviators of long ago with a goal of making history come alive.

The airport’s Smoke Shack BBQ and Burgers restaurant will be open for outdoor dining. The usual food concessions throughout the airport grounds will again be available.


Gates open at 5 p.m. The show follows the National Anthem Opening Ceremony with an Aeroshell Aerobatic Team opening teaser in the air. Jerry McCart’s Jet Truck “The Home wrecker” versus Tom Larkin and his SubSinex is the next act. Jason Flood and the Alabama Boys follow. T

his brings things to an intermission with the night show beginning at approximately 8 p.m. with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team presenting their “Twilight Show.”

Buck Roetman Pyrotechnics is next followed by Matt Youkin and his Beach 18 with “Magic by Moonlight.” Nathan Hammond “Ghostwriter” comes in with Pyrochnics & LED Lights and Jerry McCart returns with his “Home wrecker” jet truck.

The evening ends with the Pyro Musical “The Greatest Showman.”


The gates open at 2 p.m. with the show starting at 5:30 p.m. with the National Anthem Opening ceremony. After the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team opening teaser there will be a Hackensack University Medical Center Medivac Demonstration. McCart’s jet truck versus Buck Roetman is next. Roetman will perform high energy, precision aerobatics.

Then there is intermission with presentation of the car show trophies.

The night show begins at approximately 8 p.m. with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team “Twilight Show; Buck Roetman Pyrotechnics; Matt Youkin Beech 18: Magic by Moonlight: Nathan Hammond “Ghostwriter” pyrotechnics & LED Lights; Jerry McCart’s Home wrecker Jet Truck and the Pyro Musical “The Greatest Showman.”


The gates open at 11 a.m. The show starts at 1 p.m. and ends approximately 4:30 p.m. After the National Anthem Opening Ceremony the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team performs followed by the Hackensack University Medivac demonstration. McCart’s Jet Truck is up next with Buck Roetman’s act next.

Then comes Nathan Hammond with his “Ghostwriter” aerobic performance. Next are the Alabama Boys and then Tom Larkin.

A World War II Showcase features a B-25 Mitchell Flight demonstration. Jason Flood follows with high energy precision aerobics.

Featured performances by Matt Yonkin and McCart’s Jet Truck and Buck Roetman complete the afternoon program.

The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team ends the show with a spectacular Grand Finale.

The air show performers

AeroShell Aerobatics Team

The AeroShell Aerobatics Team performs tight, awe inspiring formation aerial maneuvers in front of millions of air show fans all over North America. With Mark Henley, team lead; Brian Regan, right wing; Steve Gustafson, left wing: and Jimmy Fordham, slot; this four ship of T-6 Texan Aircraft perform a series of loops, rolls and bomb bursts in close formation for a classic aerobatics routine.

Jason Flood

Jason Flood flies a Pitts-S15. As one of the youngest aerobatic pilots flying in the US today his career is already taking off. Jason has made a habit of rankling first place in just about all of the regional aerobatic competitions he attends. Born in Franklinville, N.J., he was exposed to flying at a very early age. He began flying with his father at only six months old. Spending a lot of time in the air with his father he gained a great deal of experience at the controls. His first solo was with his very own Pitts-15.

Nathan K. Hammond

“Ghost Writer” Nathan K. Hammond’s skywriting during the day is two-miles high and ten-miles wide. After dark he illuminates the night sky with more than 200 pounds of pyro and illuminating LED lights in a graceful ballet among the stars.

Born and raised in Rhinebeck, N.Y., the airplanes and air shows of Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome started his flying career. He soloed at age 16, earning his pilot’s license at 17. Along with being a commercial rated pilot he also maintains an air frame and power plant mechanics license.

Tom Larkin

Tom Larkin started flying lessons at age 19 while in college and he earned his private pilot’s license in 62 days. He received an aerospace engineering degree from Georgia Tech and then entered their Force for pilot training in 1984. He was selected as a T-38 instructor pilot and then progressed to the F-15C.

He was awarded top graduate in F-15 School and flew 22 missions in North Iraq in support of Northern Watch and Provide Comfort. He was later selected as an instructor for the Air Force Fighter Lead in School in the AT-38. He left active duty in 2000 and now lives in the Denver, Colorado, area.

The Alabama Boys

Greg Koontz flies the Lycoming AEIO-360 engine with four horses, inverted fuel and oil systems and large wing aircraft that allows for an up front and down low performance. He flies the plane through a popular plane through a solo aerobatic routine that demonstrates its agility with a full set of outside loops, vertical rolls, snaps and tumbles and inverted passes.

Flying in a 1946 Piper J-3 Cub Greg, as farmer Clem Clever, climbs up on a flight stand and demands a flight lesson. Later in the show he steals the plane and takes off alone with his whole crew chasing. Grandpa shoots off a tire to get him down and Clem lands on his pickup truck as it races down the runway.

Jerry McCart from Ellenton, Florida, started a long racing career with Go-Kart Racing in 1964 at age 8 and moved through the ranks and divisions, He completed over 1,271 races. He had more Super Kart wins than anyone in the U.S. history at age 36. His “Home Wrecker” is a favorite at air shows.

For more information or to buy tickets go to www.greenwoodlakeairshow.com or follow at https:www.facebook.com/Greenwood Lake Air Show.