Macopin Middle School musician achieves high honors

| 07 Mar 2019 | 01:07

    WEST MILFORD - Katherin Garcia, a Macopin Middle School 8th Grade Musician, has achieved the “triple crown” of honor’s ensembles this year, the school announced.
    She has represented Macopin Middle School’s Instrumental Music Department in the following 2018-19 Honor’s Ensembles: Sussex County Band, North Jersey Area Band and All North Jersey Region Symphonic Winds Band.
    "These are honors ensembles and exist to give outstanding middle school and junior high band students in our area the opportunity to play music of a more advanced level than is normally possible in their regular school bands and is a wonderful chance for the band members to meet other talented young musicians from many other regional schools," the school said in a press release. "As well as having the experience to play under the baton of another conductor."
    According to the release, Katherin started her musical journey with the clarinet in 5th grade.
    When she began middle school, to help balance instrumentation in the 7th grade band, she swapped her clarinet in for a school baritone horn.
    It is not an easy transition from a woodwind instrument to a brass instrument, so essentially Katherin was now a beginner again as a 7th grader.
    With hard work and self discipline she had success on the baritone, and as an 8th grade musician, she had the opportunity to audition for several honors ensembles.
    "With auditioning comes the commitment to prepare the audition materials required for the ensemble in addition to practicing her 8th Grade Band repertoire and weekly lesson material," the release said. "Again, Katherin had successes at each of her auditions and was seated in each of the three ensembles she auditioned for."
    Katherin had her final honors concert this past Sunday, March 3, at Randolph High School, where she was seated 3rd chair in the Symphonic Winds Band under the direction of Mr. Russo.
    This band was comprised of the best 7th, 8th and 9th grade musicians of the top third region of New Jersey.
    "Katherin is the essence of 'the sights and sounds of excellence' in West Milford," the release said. "We are thankful to her family who supported her talent and committed to transporting Katherin to all the extra rehearsals and concerts that resulted in her acceptance to these three ensembles. We look forward to seeing her continue her musical journey, the possibilities are endless."