Macopin Middle School supports troops and dogs serving overseas

| 17 Dec 2018 | 04:48

WEST MILFORD - Macopin Middle School’s two non-profit charities “Operation Thank You” and “Support Our 4-Legged Soldiers” organized a donation campaign to fill up care packages to send to troops serving overseas, according to a press release from the school.
According to the release, approximately 550 pounds of snacks, food, candy, sports equipment, entertainment materials, dog equipment and supplies were sent to the soldiers serving in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabi and Korea.
Operation Thank You, which is spearheaded by Macopin Middle School Business teacher Rich Dygos, has been sending care packages since 2003, according to the release.
Support Our 4-Legged Soldiers was started by Macopin Middle School’s security person Frank Yevchak in 2008, and has supported not only soldiers, but mainly canines who provide support for the troops, the release said.
These two programs have sent more than 1,050 care packages over the past 15 years, according to the release.
If anyone is interested in donating to either of these programs, the release said they can contact Rich Dygos at or Frank Yevchak at or