Macopin School Announces November Citizens of the Month

| 27 Dec 2018 | 12:19

WEST MILFORD - Marc Citro, Macopin School Principal and Assistant Principal Oliver Pruksarnukul announced the Macopin Middle School’s November Citizens of the Month, according to a press release.
According to the release, the Citizen of the Month is a program was started in the 1990’s to recognize students who go above and beyond what is expected.
Officials said the process begins with a teacher nominating a current student for this honor. After the nomination, the students are then reviewed by their current teachers and volunteer faculty committee who evaluate the faculty’s comments and discipline records based on established criteria.
Included in this list of criteria are as follows:
• Shows responsibility both academically and socially
• Shows caring, kindness and helpfulness towards peers and staff members
• Demonstrates respect for self, peers, property, and authority
• Leads by example in either actions and/or words (example: follows classroom rules)
• Demonstrates perseverance
• Shows honesty and integrity

Citizens of the Month for November are as follows:
7th grade
Mia Biancamano, Brett Keller, Avery Vacca, and Connor Vogt.
8th grade
Olivia Gallione, Amelia Liebau and Brooke O'Connor.