Marshall Hill Road Bridge finally open to traffic

| 20 Dec 2018 | 09:02

WEST MILFORD – After several months of construction, the Marshall Hill Road Bridge opened to traffic Thursday afternoon, officials announced.
Drivers had been forced to detour around the community during the installation of the new bridge.
The bridge and road have been closed to through traffic since July as Passaic County crews worked to replace the bridge.
Mayor Michele Dale said that recent paving work on Cahill Cross Road and Morsetown Road were meant to be done after the bridge was opened, but the situation called for that work to be done before the bridge was ready.
That route was part of the detours around the bridge construction.
That paving work, Dale said, had to be completed because the road could have sustained more damage due to plowing over the winter and the project had already prepared the manholes and other parts of the project that might have been damaged by plowing if the paving work was not done.