Meet the moms at the West Milford Animal Shelter

| 24 May 2012 | 02:22

WEST MILFORD — Mother's Day has come and gone but there are plenty of kitten mommas at the West Milford Animal Shelter. Lulu, Juliette and Madison all came to the shelter with their kittensat about the same time last year. The kittens found homes but the moms are still here at the shelter. These gals didn't get any Mother’s Day cards or flowers this May. Instead, they are still waiting, day in and day out, for their turn to be adopted.

Lulu is still very kitten-like and ready to play. She is chubby and fluffy and has soft black fur. She is always very friendly and probably would have had a home by now, except for the fact that black cats are usually the last to be adopted. Doesn't everyone know that wearing black is always in style?

Juliette is a petite grey and white tabby. She is dainty, sweet and gentle. She is a bit shy in the beginning, but warms up to people quickly and loves to be pet. She is a classy and dainty little lady

Madison is a dark tortoiseshell cat with orange highlights, who is very quiet at the shelter but given some extra TLC in a quiet and loving home, would finally feel comfortable to be herself. As quiet as she is, she still loves attention when it comes her way. Tortoiseshell and calico cats are always female.

Please think about giving these moms the loving home they deserve. All are spayed, tested for FIV and Feline Lukemia, and up-to-date with inoculations. The fee to adopt any of these beautiful cats is $35.

For information, call 973-728-2859 or visit

And don't forget, you can help support the shelter in many ways. The shelter will be having is annual garage sale on Saturday, June 2, at the Wells Fargo parking lot in the center of town. Donations are now being accepted. For information, go to theWebsite.