Methodist Church women in Newfoundland help Ukraine war victims

This Methodist Church has a long history that includes many charity projects nationally and internationally.

| 27 Mar 2022 | 12:34

In addition to their spiritual support through prayer, the women of the Serenity Circle of the United Methodist Church at Newfoundland are dedicated to doing more for the suffering Ukrainians. They have chosen “Relief of the Ukraine People” for their latest mission project.

They welcome donations from anyone who will join them in sending money to help the people in the war-torn nation. Anyone who wishes to join the effort can send a check to the United Methodist Church Committee on Relief at 65 LaRue Road, Box 285 Newfoundland NJ 07435.

The church women have a history of helping others in need. Their efforts are very grassroots with average, caring people recognizing the pain and suffering of others nationally and throughout the world. They want to help those people and somehow make a difference in their lives.

The Angels Community Thrift Shop (ACTS), has already donated $500 to the fund. The shop, opened at the church in 2020, uses all proceeds to support the mission and ministry of the church.

The United Methodist Church at Newfoundland has been an important part of the township for a long time. The oldest records are found in a record book dating back to March 22, 1851. The congregation met in the schoolhouse on Dec. 22, 1866, to elect trustees for the purpose of building a church building. Peter Decker donated property in the center of Newfoundland Village for the church. Construction started in Spring of 1867. The building was dedicated, debt free, on Sept. 1, 1870. The 150-year anniversary was observed in 2020.

By 1964, widening of Route 23 and need for larger facilities forced the church to relocate on property donated by Mr. and Mrs. William Dongan. A new parsonage was built next to the site of the new church in 1969. The final service was held in the original building in 1973, with a grand march from the old building to the new one following. In 1978, plans began for expansion of the sanctuary and fellowship hall and this project was finished in 1980. The process of adding a new educational wing began. The building was dedicated after the fall of 2004.

Rev. Kim Eunkyoung, born and raised in South Korea, is the current pastor. She is passionate about Christian education, social justice and community outreach ministry. She is married to JungIn Lee, pastor of the United Methodist Church in Franklin Lakes. They have a daughter Sophia.

Covid-19 caused the church, along with other houses of worship in the state, to have electronic services for a time. Services in the church have resumed and are held each Sunday at 10 a.m. For those who are still concerned about the virus, services can still be viewed electronically.