New bridge planned for Stowaway Park

West Milford. Stowaway Park residents will bear the cost of a new bridge, officials said this week.

| 10 Dec 2019 | 02:00

Stowaway Park, a community of 21 homes at the south of Pinecliff Lake, is getting a new bridge with the residents paying the cost for it, according to officials.

The township is assisting in the process, but not spending any taxpayer money for the project.

The Township Council has authorized the award of a professional services contract to Genesis Engineering LLC for the evaluation and construction cost determination replacing the bridge.

The total amount for the Genesis work is not to exceed $20,000, according to the township.

As they have done for other lake community projects, the local governing board is assisting the communities in following the repair process and giving necessary backing prior to the lake community residents paying the bill.

Acting Township Administrator Bob Casey said options were available in case the old, dilapidated bridge failed.

He said the cost will be funded by 21 property owners without involving the community association.

The property owners preferred that once they pay the bridge cost it would become the township’s responsibility from then on.

Casey said that when (and if) the roads on either side of the bridge are determined to meet standards for the town to accept and take over the road, it could then also decide to accept the bridge.

Property owners expressed concerns regarding drainage issues on Compass Avenue, Upper Stowaway Road, Keel Road and Pilot Avenue in the Stowaway community in written communication to the council in October.

Casey said Passaic County representatives have inspected county facilities and found several locations where there were maintenance issues from existing county roads.

Union Valley Road (County Route 513) connects with the Stowaway Park development.

He said township officials are waiting for the county to provide an assessment followed by an announcement as to how they will address any problems they found.

Hopefully they will address the visible drainage issue and stop the surface flow that is troubling Stowaway Park, the acting administrator said.