O&R Utilities: Customers beware of phony tax credit scam

| 07 Jun 2012 | 01:34

PEARL RIVER — Orange & Rockland Utilities Inc. has issued a warning to its customers about a tax credit scam that targets utility customers.

In a press release announcing the warning, O&R noted that legitimate tax credits aren’t issued by people going door-to-door or soliciting over the telephone or through social media.

According to the utility, these scammers make contact with customers, tell them about a fictitious tax credit from the federal government of up to $1,500 to pay electric, water or gas bills and ask for personal information like a Social Security number or a bank account number.

There is no actual tax credit like this, and the scammers use the personal information to steal the customers’ identity or empty their bank accounts.

If you are contacted in this manner, break off contact and report the matter to the police.

If you are contacted by someone who says they represent O&R and you wish to verify their identity, either ask for their photo ID card, if they are at the door, or call O&R at 1-877-434-4100 to verify their identity and the nature of their business with you.