Pediatric cancer research. DeCroce bill would allow residents to donate tax refunds to childhood cancer research

| 01 Jul 2021 | 08:53

    Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce’s bill allowing New Jersey residents to contribute to a Pediatric Cancer Research Fund on their tax return forms has cleared its final legislative hurdle to advance to the governor’s desk.

    The bill (A3800/S1431) honors a young boy from West Milford, a town in DeCroce’s legislative district. Aaron Newton survived a neuroblastoma diagnosis he received at just 20 months old. His parents, Kerrie and Scott, have been advocates for childhood cancer awareness ever since.

    “One of most the traumatic experiences for a parent is learning their child has cancer,” DeCroce (R-Morris) said. “Medical breakthroughs, and success stories like Aaron’s, start with cancer research. Through a voluntary check box on a tax return, we can commit funding to help little ones and their families beat cancer.”

    The New Jersey State Commission on Cancer Research, with assistance from an advisory group, will determine what projects will receive financial assistance from the fund. New Jersey medical institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations focused on pediatric cancer cures, causes, prevention, education, screening and treatment will receive priority funding.

    The bill unanimously passed the Senate on June 3.