Pet of the Week; 'Lulu' needs a new 'queendom' to rule 'Lulu' is the Pet of the Week seeking a new home from the West Milford Animal Shelter.

| 17 Apr 2019 | 05:30

    West Milford."Lulu" is this week's showcased pet in need of adoption.
    This big, beautiful gal is a former honor graduate of WMASS, Class of 2012, and has been living happily in her own queendom since then.
    Sadly, Lulu's owner recently passed away.
    The shelter is happy to see her again and have the opportunity to once again give this wonderful 10-year-old cat a chance at a loving home.
    Lulu, despite her large stature, is quite gentle and humble in her awesomeness.
    She is adorable and appreciates being snuggled and held.
    Lulu sports a cute heart nose and a chin marking that seemingly gives her a permanent "Oh" expression.
    She's pretty much a feline jackpot.
    People with a wide arm spread, a spacious lap, and a huge heart would make a good fit for her new home.
    For more information about Lulu and the other Real Cats of the West Milford Animal Shelter, please visit their Facebook page at
    The shelter is located on Lycosky Drive (behind recycling), (973) 728-2859.