Pet of the Week: ‘Skeeter’ is ready to find a home West Milford. “Skeeter” is the latest cat from the West Milford Animal Shelter that is ready to find a new home.

| 23 May 2019 | 12:34

Some people say "Skeeter" to refer to a mosquito, but those insects are annoying, blood-sucking flies that will ruin your evening.
The shelter’s “Skeeter” is the opposite.
He's so very enjoyable, and the only thing he needs to suck is all the love you've got to give him.
While you're swatting the annoying bugs tonight, Skeeter will be swatting his toys around, hoping you'll be in the mood to play when you visit him.
At just about one-year-old, shelter staff say he is a complete mush.
He desires to play, be petted, and play some more.
Before you take that trip to Walgreens to get that bug spray, stop by WMASS and meet the most wonderful Skeeter of the season.
For more information about Skeeter and the other Cats of the West Milford Animal Shelter, please visit its Facebook page at
The shelter is located on Lycosky Drive (behind recycling), (973) 728-2859.