Pet of the Week: 'Smithers' wants a loving, loyal boss

| 23 Jul 2019 | 04:16

On TV, the role of "Smithers" on The Simpsons is one of a loyal, devoted assistant and companion to his boss, Mr. Burns.
This 'Smithers' is 10-year-old male has found himself single at a senior age and is a bit trepidatious to start again, but that's not stopping him from showing his best sides.
He has green/yellow eyes, and wears a rusty orange cape over white.
His coat is plush, shiny, and soft, and he is just waiting to plop happily down on a human's lap and call it a day.
If you're looking for a handsome, loyal character, this ol' gent may be your perfect guy.
For more information about Smithers and the other Real Cats of the West Milford Animal Shelter, please visit their Facebook page at and Instagram at therealcatswestmilford.
The shelter is located on Lycosky Drive (behind recycling), (973) 728-2859.