Politics: Democrat mayor endorses Frank Pallotta for Congress

| 29 Oct 2020 | 11:24

    Democrat Anthony Frato, mayor of Branchville, New Jersey, has officially endorsed Frank Pallotta, New Jersey’s 5th District Republican Congressional candidate.

    “Frank Pallotta’s business perspective, and familiarity with the area is what makes him the right candidate to represent New Jersey’s 5th District,” Frato said. “He has lived here for 30 years, and I know that he understands and cares about the needs of our district.

    “I am proud to endorse Frank Pallotta to represent our district,” the mayor added. “It is definitely time for a change in the 5th District, and I firmly believe Frank will bring the change we need. Frank will be a Congressman for all, and will truly stand for ‘Jersey Values,’ unlike the incumbent, Josh Gottheimer, who has repeatedly failed to provide for we the people, as he kisses up to Nancy Pelosi while posing as a ‘moderate’.”

    Frato said Congressman Gottheimer has not provided adequate representation to the entire 5th district.

    “Gottheimer always shows up after the fact for a photo op to take credit for other people’s work,” the mayor said. “He should have never been elected to public office and I call on every registered voter, regardless of Party, to vote Josh Gottheimer out and support Frank Pallotta for Congress.”

    Pallotta said he was honored to be endorsed by Frato.

    “I look forward to working with him and representing him, as well as the countless number of Democrats that I know are sick of Josh Gottheimer’s lies and smear tactics,” Pallotta said. “Mayor Frato is truly a moderate who is willing to work across party lines to achieve the common goal of bettering the 5th District.

    While serving as mayor for almost a decade, Frato is also a member of Branchville’s Planning and Zoning Board. In addition, he has been a Branchville firefighter for 40 years and a member of the New Jersey Firemen’s Home Board of Managers.