Recycling makes $ and sense

| 29 Feb 2012 | 05:04

    Metal recycling is the most profitable recyclable per ton for the township including; steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass and aluminum. Metals are picked up curbside one day per month on Tuesdays according to your zone (refer to zone schedule below). We ask that the items be put out at the curb the night before or the morning of pick-up to minimize the chance of theft. They can also be dropped off at the recycling center. Here are some items that can be left curbside for pickup:

    aluminum gutters/siding washers/dryers

    steel; doors, tubs, barrels, tools

    stainless steel; pots and pans, flatware, appliances, sinks

    metal furniture/household décor

    refrigerators/freezers* (always remove doors before putting out to curb, it’s the law)

    air conditioners* de-humidifiers*

    dishwashers lawn mowers (remove gas/oil prior to pick-up)

    bbq grills cast iron; wood stoves, tubs, sinks, pots and pans

    small engines copper, brass, iron pipes and fittings

    faucets, shower and tub valves microwave ovens, ranges, cook tops, toaster ovens

    *(These items must have Freon removed prior to pick-up; a tag indicating Freon has been removed must be clearly displayed on the item for it to be picked up. Call the recycling center for a list of licensed contractors.)

    Tip: When purchasing a new appliance containing Freon, arrange for the vendor to pick-up your old one when your new one is delivered. You can save time and money on Freon removal and they will take care of recycling it.

    Metal recycling schedule: Recycling collection day Zone Monthly Metal Collection Day

    Monday 1 First Tuesday Tuesday 2 Second Tuesday

    Wednesday 3 Third Tuesday Thursday and Friday 4 and 5 Fourth Tuesday

    A shout out to: West Milford High School custodial staff for their outstanding recycling efforts. Keep up the good work!

    What’s new: There are several ‘Adopt-a-beach’ locations available. If you are a resident of a lake community and are interested in maintaining your beach, please contact the recycling office to sign up. Participants will have a sign with their name(s) erected at their beach.

    Did you know… Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the country’s entire commercial airline fleet every three months.