Recycling makes $ and sense

| 27 Mar 2012 | 04:49

    So you just replaced your cars battery or maybe you just purchased a new vacuum cleaner and you’re not sure of how to dispose of the old one. There are many items that don’t fit into the typical recycling categories, however most items can be recycled or reused. We will be going through odds-n-ends over several features; they will be grouped by category since there are too many to list separately. Recycling your odds-n-ends makes sense, it keeps them out of landfills and you the taxpayer won’t have to pay to dispose of them.

    General Household: The items that should be dropped off at the recycling center are listed below. Other recyclables that are accepted as donations at other locations are also listed along with the place that does accept them. These locations are listed in the resources section below. Items that must be disposed of in the trash are also listed.

    CFL/tube fluorescent light bulbs (drop off at recycling center on ‘hazardous waste collection day’ or they can be brought to Home Depot or Lowes)

    Sheets/linens/fiberfill pillows and comforters that are worn out or stained (drop off in the red textile recycling bin)

    Vacuum cleaners Carpet steamer/cleaners

    Door knobs/locks Irons/ironing boards

    Fans: Floor/table/box Mops Scrub brushes

    Picture frame/plate glass Items that can be donated (see resource list below):

    Furniture/wood and upholstered (1,2 or 3)

    Mirrors (1,2 or 3) Glass table tops (3)

    Plumbing fixtures (2 or 3) Wood doors (2 or 3)

    Table/floor lamps (1,2 or 3) Wicker baskets (3)

    Resources: The Salvation Army - pick up is on Wednesday only, call the dispatch office at 973-742-1126 for pick up.*

    Habitat For Humanity/The Morris Re-Store, for donation inquires call 973-366-3358 or visit (all items must be in re-saleable condition)*

    Freecycle is a non-profit organization for those who want to ‘recycle’ an item instead of throwing it away. One main rule of this site; everything must be free. You can post anything such as a chair, old door, or even a piano. It’s keeping good stuff out of landfills. Check out

    *(excluding; wall units, mattresses/box springs, high chairs, cribs and baby furniture)

    Items that should be disposed of in the trash:

    Mattresses/box springs (whenever possible make arrangements with the vendor to pick up your old one when your new one is delivered)

    Incandescent light bulbs Sponges (synthetic sponges cannot be recycled and should be discarded in the trash/ natural sponges and sponges made from vegetable cellulose can be composted)

    A shoutoutto: Living Word Church for their outstanding recycling efforts.Keep up the good work!

    What’snew: The numbers are in for 2011 on metal, oil, tires, batteries and textiles. West Milford received a total of $81,446.94 in revenue for these items. That is in addition to $155,374.78 in revenue received for paper, cardboard, junk mail, newspaper and commingled. That brings our total recycling revenue for 2011 to $236,821.72! West Milford also collected 117,000 tons of electronics that have been diverted from landfills and it didn’t cost the taxpayers a cent.

    Didyouknow… The United States is the #1 trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year. This means that 5 percent of the world’s population generates 40 percent of the worlds waste.

    This biweekly column is provided by the West Milford Beautification & Recycling Task Force Committee. The West Milford Recycling Center is located at 30 Lycosky Drive, West Milford. 973-728-2724.