Recycling makes $ and sense

| 07 Jun 2012 | 01:13

    Odds-n-ends… Babies grow up in a flash and outgrow so many items in a short period of time.The good news is most items can be recycled if they are unable to be reused.This feature is dedicated to baby recyclables and will be followed by a feature on kid’s recyclables.

    The following items listed below can be dropped off at the recycling center, the items noted with an asterisk can be put in with your commingled curbside pickup;

    •Bottles* •Bottle warmers (drop off in electronics recycling bin)

    •Pacifiers* •Strollers •Car seats

    •Carriers/bases •Booster seats*

    •High chairs •Safety gates* •Baby monitors (drop off in electronics recycling bin)

    •Baby tubs* •Diaper pails* •Fisher-Price toys*

    •Baby linens/blankets (drop off in red textile recycling bin)

    •Stuffed animals (drop off in red textile recycling bin)

    •Baby clothing (drop off in red textile recycling bin or Good Will bin)

    A shoutoutto: The West Milford Wrestling Team for their outstanding recycling efforts on Beautification Day, job well done!

    Whatsnew: The numbers are in for Feb. 2012 on cardboard, junk mail, newspaper and commingled, West Milford received a total of $8,490.84 in revenue in just one month!

    Didyouknow…? Out of every $10 spent buying things, $1 (10 percent) goes for packaging that is thrown away.Packaging represents about 65 percent of household trash, most of which can be recycled.