is offering free seeds to West Milford residents

West Milford. What started as a 4-H seed bank project of the West Milford 4-H Velveteen Farm Club has gone worldwide.

| 17 Mar 2021 | 09:01, a New Jersey based non-profit company, is offering West Milford area residents free organic and heirloom quality seeds now in stock.

COVID-19 has closed world markets and made food scarce in much of the world’s native populations. Seed Solution also supplies seeds to people around the world who want to grow nutritious vegetables, including many indigenous native groups.

In the past, Seed Solution has also offered these seeds to our own residents at the West Milford Town Library; however, due to corona virus, the library has been closed. Furthermore, many seed companies, overwhelmed with orders, have told their customers to expect serious shipping delays or are out of stock.

Due to the pandemic, embassies are closed and Seed Solution can’t distribute to its global partners, meaning the organization has seeds to share. The Seed Solution board has once again voted to respond to this need by opening offering West Milford area residents its high quality seed stock. Many people remain unemployed or underemployed and could use a helping hand, or may want to try gardening.

How to order

There are two ways to request seeds: send your vegetable or herb wish lists by email to or mail your seed requests to: Rebecca Byrne c/o, 1335 Macopin Road, West Milford, NJ 07480.

There is a 10 packet limit per household, 15 with children. Include a telephone contact number with your seed list, the group can tell when your is ready for pick-up. Seeds are on a first-come-first serve basis while supplies last. A basket will be placed outdoors for no contact pick-up.

Seed Solution is a not-for-profit organization and accepts (but do not require) donations by cash or check. does ask all recipients to grow one extra heirloom plant just for this seed bank by letting the vegetable go to seed and get overripe, then harvesting the seed yourself and returning that seed stock back to us.

Seed Solution also accept seed donations if you have all you need. Flowerpots are also appreciated. Almost all vegetable crops such as artichokes, tomatoes, lettuces, carrots, spinach, kale, chard, squashes, basil, chives and other herbs, cucumbers, peas, radishes, peppers, beans, etc. are available. The seeds, although free, are not guaranteed.

About started as a 4-H seed bank project of the WestMilford 4-H Velveteen Farm Club by Murad Yassin. The idea was for the public to have a way to access vegetable seeds for free as a way to improve food security. Club-members cleaned the seeds and packaged them for the local library. The project grew and grew, and Yassin sought help from local gardeners and seed companies.

In 2013 the Ebola crisis broke out and we sent a 50 pound box of seeds to 4-H Liberia through a joint mission of Doctors Without Borders and Rotarians. Soon, others heard about the seed bank, and the group was approached for more seeds both locally and abroad for other trips and missions.

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