Smiles of the Week 5.8

Send us what made you smile this week, and it may end up in our next issue:

| 04 May 2020 | 02:02

Paying it forward

Melissa Lambert and her teenage daughter teach Sunday School to pre-K and Kindergarten students at the Sparta United Methodist Church.

They haven’t seen their students due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. To show the kids their teachers were thinking about them during this tough time, Lambert and her daughter decided to purchase some small gifts to send their eight students in the mail.

But when they got to the post office, they found out postage was more than they had anticipated.

“The woman behind me heard me say what the packages were for and saw that I couldn't mail them today and offered to pay the postage,” said Lambert.

“At first I didn't want to accept her offer but she said she wanted to do something to help during this time. Her generosity brought tears to my eyes. Because of this kind stranger my kids will receive their gifts.

I want to thank her for this act of kindness. She will make eight children very happy.”

Tracks deli keeps the community fed

The Tracks Deli in Vernon, N.J., has been providing upwards of 30 meals a day to local seniors and families in need since mid-March when schools and businesses started shutting down. This ongoing effort has been made possible through the generosity of The Tracks Deli, a partnership with the Vernon Township Senior Center, and donations from the community.

To support the local business, you can order takeout from The Tracks Deli; it's open and operating.

Or, you can donate to help the deli provide meals to those in need via Venmo: @TheTracksDeli-LLC

Chalking it up

Signs of hope are popping up all over the place. Reader Adrienne Mercurio-Tveter shared a photo of artwork, found in chalk on her Warwick, N.Y. street’s cul-de-sac, featuring a rainbow and the message: “Better days ahead.”

In West Milford, N.J. Kelly Rockey’s kids also took it to the streets to spread some positivity, chalking up their Pinecliff Lake neighborhood with smiley faces and upbeat notes: “Be kind,” “This too shall pass,” “Love life, enjoy it.”

And another important one: “Wash your hands.”