Some unusual and fun businesses at Paradise Knoll

| 10 May 2012 | 01:23

WEST MILFORD — Fifth and sixth grade students let their creative juices flow as part of the TREP$ Marketplace at Paradise Knoll Elementary School.

The students got to experience life as a small business owner: researching and developing their products or services and then selling them at the marketplace. There were some very interesting products - such as “ ‘Stache by Tyler,” a variety of mustache-related items - and some yummy treats like peanut-free cake pops. Marketgoers could buy hand-painted boxes and jewelry, bike lights, bookmarks and scarves, and even get their picture taken as a doll. Very creative indeed.

The TREP$ entrepreneurship education program for youth was created by Pamela DeWaal and Haley Romano, two certified teachers who reside in West Milford. The program was piloted in Paradise Knoll School, and still thrives today. The Paradise Knoll PTA won the New Jersey PTA’s Champion for Children Award for best new program.

There were so many vendors and shoppers, so many that some items were sold out. Vendors filled the all-purpose room, were set up all the way down the main hallway and even in the side hallway. Great participation indeed.

Some students, in addition to learning out business, also donated all or part of their profis to charities.

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