Sparky can add a "spark" in your life

| 13 Sep 2012 | 01:18

— Just like people, dogs have personalities that are more suitable to different types of home environments. Some people and dogs like quiet and peaceful homes, some like busy active ones and some like something that are a combination of both.
Sparky, a five-year-old Beagle/Fox Hound mix, could fit into any of these environments as long as they had the basics that he requires in a home and family. He has a typical Beagle personality.
The Beagle is known as a loving, sweet and gentle dog. They are happy to see everyone, social, brave and intelligent. They are generally good with children and other dogs but are usually not good with non-canine pets. They require a lot of mental and physical exercise - lots of walks, playtime and interaction with people. They like to play games.
Beagles are known to be pack animals and need an owner who wants to be a pack leader by being firm and kind. They are very curious and tend to follow their own noses. Care should be taken when letting them off leash because if they pick up a scent, they may wander off and they may not care to listen when they are being called.
The Beagle personality and description fits Sparky to a "T." He will be a great pet and family dog in a home with children over the age of eight and without cats. He is intelligent, playful social and brave. He loves to go on long walks and play.
He would add a bit of "spark" to anyone's life and home.
He is neutered, heart worm tested and up-to-date with all inoculations. The fee to adopt Sparky is $75.
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