Sparta. West Milford takes second place in Tri County Senior Citizen Olympics

| 30 Sep 2021 | 11:31

This year the West Milford Senior Olympians participated in the Senior Olympics on Sept. 22nd in Sparta.

The Randolph Seniors took first place with West Milford Seniors taking second place. Tied for third and fourth places were Sparta and Wayne. Pequannock was in fifth place and Rutherford came in sixth place.

The seniors took part in Corn Hole, Chicken Toss, Soccer kick, Putting Golf, Ladder Ball and Tee Ball and did exceptionally well.

In the Chicken Toss for the women, Marilyn Lichtenberg took the silver and Rose Del Vecchio took the bronze.

For Ladder Ball, Bill Novack took the gold and Marilyn Lichtenberg took the bronze.

In the Putting Golf tournament, for the men, Jack Regan the bronze, and for the women, Rose Del Vecchio also took the bronze.

This year’s recipient of the Spirit Award is Pam McGlashan who has shown her dedication to the team for six years and is still going strong.

“Congratulations to all of our medalist and congratulations and a great big thank you goes out to all of our seniors who participated in this event,” the staff at West Milford Community Services & Recreation said in the press release detailing the team’s success. “We are very proud of all of you.”