Take Five with Kelly McGill

| 12 Apr 2012 | 12:59

This week we Take Five with Kelly McGill, a member of the West Milford Dance Team and the high school's 50th anniversary leadership committee. Kelly loves to dance and eat broccoli pizza with her friends. Active and healthy - we like that! Be sure to go to our Web site, westmilfordmessenger.com, for our bonus five with Kelly.

1) How did you get involved with dance?

I started dancing when I was three, and tried out for dance team at the end of my 8th grade year. It’s just something I’ve stuck with and now can’t see myself without it.

2) What would most people be surprised to know about dance team?

That it’s a full on sport. Our season is almost three times longer than other sports and it still goes by so quickly.

3) Who is your favorite teacher of all time and why?

Mr. Bishop from 8th grade science. He got to know each student really well and even though he taught a subject I wasn’t particularly interested in, I still looked forward to the class every day.

4) What does being a Highlander mean to you?

Being a highlander means representing West Milford High School with whatever you do.

5) What is your favorite movie/book/character and why?

Pi, from Life of Pi. His mind amazed me. If you haven’t read the book, I recommend it.

Good luck to you, Kelly, with your dance the 50th anniversary project. You make us all proud to be Highlanders.

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Bonus Five 6) Who is your biggest inspiration?

That’s really a tough one. Dance wise, I’d have to say Lauren Froderman from Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance, Every time I watched her dance I was in awe.

7) Name three things you would bring with you if you were on a deserted island.

A backpack of my favorite books, a flashlight, cookie dough.

8) Share a favorite moment with your team.

I love when we can see our coaches jumping up and down because they’re happy with something we did. But we also generally get along as a group, so there are a lot of fun times at practice and different events that I couldn’t begin to list.

9) What do you do with your time when you are not doing your activities?

My favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends and order a broccoli pizza. That’s our favorite.

10) Share something no one knows about you.

I own far too many grey sweaters.