Take Five with Mark Van Teyens

| 05 Jun 2012 | 03:35

This week we Take Five with Mark Van Teyens, a senior at West Milford High School who runs both winter and spring track. Mark is inspired by his parents and keeps pretty physically active whether it's track season or not. Be sure to go to our Web site, westmilfordmessenger.com, to see our bonus five with Mark.

1) How did you get involved with track?

Track was something that I have looked forward to since I was in 8th grade and I knew that I wanted to be apart of the team.

2) Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my mom and dad because they have supported me through everything that I do.

3) What do you do with your time when you are not running track?

When I am not doing track I am biking, snowboarding, camping, or hanging out with friends.

4) What is your favorite movie/book/character and why?

My favorite movie is Braveheart with Mel Gibson because it's intense and has a great story line.

5) Share something no one knows about you.

Something many people don't know about me is that I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 114.

Active, inspired by his parents and an Eagle Scout - sounds like a good kid! Good luck to you in the future, Mark.

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Bonus Five ) What would most people be surprised to know about track?

People may be surprised to know that track and field takes a lot of mental and physical endurance.

7) Who is your favorite teacher of all time and why?

My favorite teacher of all time is Mr. Nitkinas my senior English teacher.

8) Name three things you would bring with you if you were on a deserted island.

I would bring lots of food and water, matches, and probably a friend.

9) Share a favorite moment with your group/club/team.

A favorite moment of Track and Field is running at Penn Relays in Philly.

10) What does being a Highlander mean to you?

Being a highlander to me means being apart of the team, always improving to make the team better, and setting a good example.