Town handles yet another winter storm

| 21 Feb 2019 | 11:02

    WEST MILFORD – Anyone who has been living here for any amount of time is aware that winter storms can bring unparalleled beauty – or misery.
    The storm that began Wednesday around noon and continued until about 3 a.m. Thursday, brought beauty the next morning and there was comfort to find that electric power was not affected.
    Navigating the treacherous roads was not easy, however, for commuters who struggled to arrive home safely during the Wednesday afternoon commute.
    The concern about possible electric outages fueled by weather forecast reports of an impending ice storm thankfully did not materialize.
    On Thursday morning, a check on the Rockland Electric Company storm power outage map did not show any power outages occurring in West Milford.
    Not too many years ago winter storm power outages lasting for as long as a week’s duration were not that unusual.
    Falling trees taking down power lines have been a continuing problem.
    Once again, Gov. Phil Murphy came out ahead of the storm, declaring a state of emergency for New Jersey on Tuesday.
    The storm itself produced only about 3-4 inches of snow, followed by sleet and freezing rain into the evening Wednesday.
    In this latest storm, people were free to concentrate on the sparkling ice covered trees, shrubbery and power lines that were glistening in the morning sun.
    Temperatures in West Milford Village, among other township locations, reached 40 degrees before noon on Thursday.
    Some cell phone photos were sent off to friends and relatives who are enjoying sunny Florida locations, letting them know what they are missing by not being up north.
    The fans of the popular Alaska TV program, who are sorry that series has ended for the season, may now want to look for a glimpse of a winter wonderland right in their own back yard.