Union Valley Road apartment builder amending failed zoning application

| 21 Mar 2019 | 01:30

    WEST MILFORD - A zoning use variance application to construct an eight-unit townhouse/apartment complex in the center of town has replaced a 10-unit plan that was turned down by officials.
    An amended Randa Investments plan for the property at 1463 Union Valley Road has been filed with the West Milford Zoning Board of Adjustment.
    The property owners will seek board approval of its new plan at the April 23 meeting of the West Milford Zoning Board of Adjustment.
    The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the West Milford Municipal Building.
    The Zoning Board at the March 19 meeting memorialized its July 24, 2018 denial of a use variance application for a 10-unit townhouse/apartment complex on the property.
    Opposition came from people who were concerned that the site across from the West Milford Presbyterian Church, ball field and summer Farmer’s Market, already has a great deal of traffic from the parking lot and that vehicles from a townhouse/apartment townhouse project would add to the commuter congestion on Union Valley Road.
    Deadline for action on the latest Randa proposal is July 25.
    For the project to proceed there needs to be board approval of use and bulk variances.
    Dwelling units in association with commercial uses are permitted in the village commercial zone where the property is located, but the applicant is asking for approval without association with a commercial use.
    Dwelling units in the zone are allowed above commercial uses, but the applicant wants to put dwelling units on the first floor without a commercial use. No front yard parking is allowed but the applicant wants to have it there.
    Randa also wants to have a maximum density of six units per area where only two are allowed.
    A maximum floor area of 800 square feet per unit is required while 1,340 square feet is proposed by the applicant.
    Apartment access is proposed through exterior doors where the current requirement prohibits apartment access through individual exterior doors.