Vance the emu found!

| 29 Jun 2022 | 12:15

After being missing for several days, owner Sandy Roberto Cordasco confirmed on Monday, June 27, that Vance the emu had been found and returned to his home on Morsetown Road in West Milford.

Vance had gone missing sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning last week. At the time, Cordasco expressed shock and confusion as to how Vance could have escaped his double-fenced enclosure, especially since his roommate, Fridge, appeared calm and unbothered. She reached out to social media and even called the West Milford Police Department, but no one had seen him.

Then came the first spotting on Wednesday evening. A friend of Cordasco’s, Brandi Lee, reported a sighting of Vance in the woods behind Cordasco’s farm, but Vance fled before he could be wrangled. Reports of Vance running around in the woods continued through Friday, but he managed to stay ahead of any would-be captors.

Finally, at around 7 p.m. on June 26, Vance was detained, and his wild woodland adventure came to an end. He has since been reunited with his pal Fridge.

Cordasco now believes Vance may have been spooked by a family of raccoons recently discovered nearby.