Veolia takes over township water

West Milford. Veolia, which serves 1.5 million users in New Jersey, will take over as the township’s water provider from Suez.

| 16 Nov 2022 | 10:28

Township of West Milford Public water company users who were with the Suez Company now have a new company. The new provider is Veolia, that provided water and service in New Jersey since 1869.

The company serves over 1.5 million New Jersey residents and 58 million people worldwide. New treatment plants will be built that will comply with all health and environmental regulations, according to information on the website. It was noted that four of the water systems have lead, copper and other health issues that Veolia is addressing. It was reported that 14 of the buildings that house treatment equipment had to be remediated before Veolia employees could work in them.

Veolia’s experienced team of water quality experts and licensed operators will be regularly testing water sources to be certain that its meters will allow homeowners to easily monitor their water consumption and troubleshoot leaks and other issues. The site said they intend to provide more information about the meters and the installation schedule in the coming months.

Veolia Water NJ gave notification to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection they will be replacing the existing Birch Hill Water Treatment Plant, reported to be “beyond its useful life” to more stringent effluent limits. There had been a report of suspected hazardous discharge notification on Oct. 14 regarding the existing plant.