West Milford confirmed COVID cases double

West Milford. While confirmed cases doubled druing the week of Nov. 10 with 26 new cases, there have been no new deaths since an 80-year old man died at the end of October. Most new cases invovled people in their 20s and 60s.

| 16 Nov 2022 | 10:00

    Confirmed cases of Township of West Milford Covid-19 doubled from the previous week for the week of Nov. 10, according to Township of West Milford records.

    There were 26 new cases, up from 13 the prior week. No new deaths were reported with there being 73 since the pandemic began.

    Only one older senior citizen, a 93-year-old male, was listed. Most of the cases involved younger people in their 20s and 60s (with six cases in each of those age groups.) There were three each in the 30, 40 and 50 age groups. Two young five-month-old babies were infected. No other children up through teenagers were listed.