West Milford expected to adopt $3.6M bond ordinance

West Milford. Funds provided in a bond ordinance that the Township of West Milford Council was expected to adopt this week would address initial costs associated with installation of a new traffic signal at the Greenwood Lake Tpk./Lakeside Road intersection, state-mandated improvement of the High Crest Drive Bridge and new equipment, among other improvements.

| 05 Apr 2021 | 01:10

It would be hard to find anyone who would not agree that the corner of Union Valley Road, Lakeside Road and Greenwood Lake Tpk. in Hewitt is a dangerous intersection where a deadly motor vehicle accident could happen at any time. People have often been heard saying that it is only a matter of time when someone will be killed there.

The location, leading to Greenwood Lake, has been a magnet for crashes over a long period of years. The bond ordinance would provide money for initial costs associated with the installation of the traffic light, together with all studies, surveys, planning and designs, engineering, work and materials necessary as shown on and in accordance with plans and specifications on file or to be filed in the office of the township clerk. Amount of bonds and notes set aside in the ordinance for the described work is $96,500 with the estimated cost being $101,400.

Improvement of the High Crest Drive Bridge in and by the township by upgrade and rehabilitation of the spillway, together with all structures, appurtenances, equipment, work and or to be filed in the township clerk’s office is included. Estimated cost is $251,200. The state Department of Environmental Protection Dam Safety Division found the bridge to be in need of repair.

A new dump truck with equipment and accessories for use of the Department of Public Works at estimated cost of $194,900; self contained breathing apparatus for use by the fire companies of the township for $126,800 and a fire truck with equipment for use by Fire Company Two is included for estimated cost of $633,700. Initial costs associated with the acquisition and installation of a new radio system for use by the Office of Emergency Management costing $41,000 is included in the bond ordinance.