West Milford. Guess who’s coming to town?

| 22 Dec 2020 | 06:33

With his sleigh was being packed up for his Christmas Eve ride, Santa Claus spent last weekend spreading early holiday cheer as multiple companies of the West Milford Fire Department and Cub Scout Pack 9 escorted him throughout the township on firetrucks and on a trailer.

For instance, WMFD Company 6 helped Santa Claus get around neighborhoods in the center of town, Pinecliff Lake area, and lower Union Valley Road-Stowaway, Bald Eagle Village, Old Milford Lane and Crescent Park areas.

Alexander and James Fulton waved to Santa and WMFD Company 6 firefighters as the holiday caravan passed by their home.

“We are so thankful that Company Six was able to come around this year,” their mother, Jennifer Fulton, said. “My boys were ecstatic to see Santa!”

And after Santa passed by Joey Mandara’s home, the three-year-old turned to his mother and said: “That was spectacular!“

- Patricia Keller