West Milford. Hanover/Alpine Road paving project addressed

| 18 Nov 2021 | 09:39

Bids for the job to pave Hanover and Alpine Roads in the Upper Greenwood Lake community are expected to be received in the spring of 2022 with the work to be done in summer or fall of the year, Township of West Milford Administrator William Senande said at a recent township meeting.

He was responding to Tom Napiorski, resident who had questions about the budget and project timeline.

Napiorski noted that in February 2022 it will be five years since he first met with Engineering Aide Eric Miller (now retired) about the road improvement. He said he was advised at that time that it would take two years for the process to take place.

Reviewing the timeline of progress, Napiorski reported that all requests of the road improvement and assessment program were met.

But then there was no action by the township for the next year and a half.

He recalled that in June 2019 the council voted to accept Hanover and Alpine Roads as public roads and that after that time progress again ceased. Another time the council voted to only maintain the roads to the requirements for emergency vehicle access standards.

Napiorski was a contractor for 47 years and said he always had a job schedule. He is eager to have the Hanover/Alpine Roads work done.

- Ann Genader