West Milford. Hero flags flying at Bubbling Springs Park will be illuminated

| 07 Oct 2020 | 08:54

Illuminating hero flags that are being flown at Bubbling Springs Municipal Park is deemed appropriate, according to a resolution passed by the Township of West Milford Council on Wednesday.

It authorized local officials to request Rockland Electric Company to install a sodium vapor light at the park.

The document points out that illuminating the flags will permit them to be displayed throughout the night. It said they can be illuminated with a single sodium vapor flood light with 46,000 nominal lumens from an existing pole.

Rockland Electric owns the utility pole at the park and would install the light upon request.

Annual cost to the township for the light is approximately $550.

The West Milford Rotary Club is asking people to sponsor a flag to honor a hero to commemorate Veterans Day. That person can be someone who has or is serving the nation, first responders or anyone who has been a hero in their life.

Flags will be three feet by five feet, pole mounted and displayed at Bubbling Springs Park on Macopin Road. Cost is $50 per flag.

- Ann Genader