West Milford officials considered 95 ordinances in past two years

WEST MILFORD. All but six of the ordinances were approved unanimously by Township Council members.

| 13 Dec 2022 | 01:01

The Township Council considered 95 ordinances in the past two years, approving all but six by a unanimous vote.

Mayor Michele Dale explained at a recent council meeting that many local laws needed updating or correcting so officials could do what was needed. The actions also made things easier for residents, she said.

Administrator William Senande said 21 ordinances addressed zoning matters. Twenty established internal procedures and clarified and corrected township regulations to meet state requirements.

Budgetary and employee compensation accounted for 17 ordinances, and 14 established or revised fees so service users, rather than taxpayers, pay at least part of the cost of providing the service. A discount was provided to township volunteers.

Nine ordinances were related to the legalization of cannabis, including one prohibiting gifts of cannabis.

Three ordinances deal with traffic matters, such as speed limits and traffic signs.

Others concerned the open space tax levy, food trucks operations, creating a redevelopment zone and establishing a tax abatement program.