West Milford. Rehabilitation of the old library continues

| 05 Jan 2021 | 11:38

Work to change the former West Milford Library building at 649 Ridge Road so that various offices serving the public can be relocated there in a more accessible setting was expected to continue through a resolution expected to be adopted by the township council this week.

Last July, the council agreed to have architect Brian Murphy work on a conceptual design to create office space in the now vacant building. Their resolution said cost of Murphy’s work was not to exceed $20,000.

It was found that the addition of a new masonry ADA-accessible ramp to the building was not in the original scope of the work. With a desire to incorporate such a ramp a proposal was requested from Murphy for the preparation of a conceptual plan for alterations of the existing sidewalk for an ADA barrier free ramp.

Murphy, whose office is a 179 Cahill Cross Road in West Milford, is to do the work in an amount not to exceed $2,400, bringing the contract total to not exceed $23,300.

The relocation plan includes moving the health, zoning, building and engineering offices to the building. It has the goals of centralizing offices in the municipal complex and providing ADA-accessible facilities.

Various office relocation projects have been discussion topics since 2012.

- Ann Genader