West Milford. The tall tree in front of the town hall is gone

| 08 Jul 2020 | 07:44

The sudden disappearance of the tall tree in front of the local municipal building during these uncertain times raised questions and lead to varied speculation as to where it went.

Not to worry.

The tree was found to be diseased and a professional decision to remove it was made by local officials when its presence was considered to be a safety issue. The tree was cut down and has already been replaced by a smaller, younger tree.

The older tree was designated to represent Christianity during annual December holiday observances.

No doubt about it, the new tree will be taking on that role come December 2020.

Not everyone was happy when the tree was designated as the Christian symbol. Some people wanted that to be a holy family portrayal, but the national recognized Christian symbol is the Christmas tree.

Local Knights of Columbus members continue to put up a crèche on Christmas Eve and take it down in a day as required by township permit rules.

One year there was an atheist banner added to the display.

A Menorah is on site throughout the Chanukah holidays. The Christmas tree stays lit throughout the holiday season.

- Ann Genader