Young authors present their works

| 19 Jul 2012 | 11:49

RINGWOOD — Ringwood Christian School was filled with excitement as a new group of young authors prepared their latest literary works. The third grade students, under the direction of Cheryl Bradon, had spent the better portion of the school year preparing for Young Authors’ Night.

Throughout the school year, students worked on several original books. They chose the topic and began writing. Later, they used their word processing skills to begin typing their work. The students continued preparing their book by adding personal illustrations. Bradon then sewed the books together and instructed the young authors on binding techniques.

Parents and students attended a special first-reading reception. To begin the evening, students shared some of their music talents as well. The third grade recorder band was directed by music teacher Karen Wilderotter.

The highlight of the evening was the book reading. Each student chose his or her favorite original work to read to the parents who gathered for this special occasion. Following the reading, a reception was held for the young authors and their guests. During the informal time together, parents had the opportunity to view the profile boards of each author. The boards included bibliographic information and photographs that helped those in attendance get to know the new authors just a little better.