Looking for answers regarding the bear hunt

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:53

    To the Editor, Now that Eric Bunk, Joe Crouch and the rest of their cohorts have probably gotten their way and they will commence shooting in December, here are a few things that might be interesting to watch for: a) Right after the hunt is over, some member of the press should get this on record: "So, Mr. Bunk, you bagged 429 bears this year. Does that lower the bear population enough for the available land to sustain the survivors? Are you, already gearing up for a bear hunt next year? And if you are, will you go on the public record as saying so right here and now? If not, why not? b) They might also ask: " Mr. Bunk and Mr. Crouch, are you and your organization going to press Bradley Campbell for a special deer hunt? Do you have statistics and empirical data as to why such a special deer hunt should not be held? Does any of your trained specialists operating out of Rutgers have any educated surmise as to how many deer will have to be taken before the herd will be at a manageable level? Who are these experts? Can they publish their findings in a public forum for all of us to peruse? c) Some intrepid soul might also ask them this: "Are you or your organization attempting to purchase any new tracts of land on which to raise game for hunting? How many? If not, why not? Who will initiate such a purchase? Will it be private or will the public have access as well? Perhaps, if someone were to ask these questions and insist on some hard, blunt answers, we might have a better understanding of what is true and what is not with regards to the hunting lobby. Gerard F. Keogh, Jr. West Milford