Lost burglar bungles get-away

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    WEST MILFORD-A Mount Pocono, Pa. woman flagged down a police officer for directions only to be shown the way to jail when she was arrested on multiple charges. On February 4, Gina Vansyckel, age 35, stopped Police Officer Donald O'Keefe and asked how to get to Route 23. As she pulled away, the officer noted a brake light out on her vehicle. He followed her and requested a license check on her plate. He discovered Vansyckel was wanted on an extraditable warrant from Pennsylvania on miscellaneous drug charges and subsequently pulled her over and arrested her. Once the woman was in custody, the officer observed a vast amount of jewelry, coins, fur coats and other new clothing in the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that these items came from two West Milford homes that were burglarized by Vansyckel a short time earlier. Police Chief James Dykstra said the stolen merchandise was recovered before the home owners knew they had been burglarized. Vansyckel was held without bail at the Passaic County Jail on the fugitive from justice warrant. Bail on the West Milford charges was set at $15,0