Lynn Reckler

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

    Lynn Hochkeppel (Parkin) Reckler, 62, worked for Russ Berrie Toy Company, Oakland from 1991-2005, died Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at her home in Columbia, Missouri. Mrs. Reckler attended Echo Lake Baptist Church, West Milford, NJ. She was married to Charles Hochkeppel in 1962 (died 1991). Married Henry Reckler September of 2000. Mrs. Reckler lived in Columbia, Missouri, and was previously from West Milford, NJ. She will be remembered for her hospitality, her heart for people, her love for the Lord and especially for her love for her family She is survived by her husband Henry Reckler of Columbia, MO, Laura Gutwein (daughter) of Columbia, MO, Kara Shaylor (daughter) of Jersey Shore, PA, Robert Donnelly (brother) of CA, Scott Gutwein (son-in-law) of Columbia, MO, Doug Shaylor (son-in-law) of Jersey Shore, PA, Harmony Gutwein (grandchild) of Columbia, MO, Nathanael Gutwein (Grandchild) of Columbia, MO, Brandt Gutwein (grandchild) of Columbia, MO, Kenya Gutwein (grandchild) of Columbia, MO. She was predeceased by her first husband Charles Hochkeppel in 1991. She was born March 17, 1943 in Brooklyn, NY the daughter of Albert and Margaret (Dreeland) Parkin. Funeral services were held Saturday, September 17, 2005 at Richards Funeral Home. Burial at Cedar Heights Cemetery in West Milford.