Marina to become democratic job bank?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

    To the Editor: Once again Passaic County Freeholders have come into town without bothering to inform our local officials. At the most recent council meeting, I heard about the recent inquires by the county to use open space money to buy the South Shore Marina. You would think that they would at least contact Mayor Joe DiDonato about their interest. Many irate neighbors attended the meeting looking for answers to questions that the mayor and council could not provide. Can we really afford to have this property taken off the tax roles? Especially in light of the potential for hundreds of thousands of lost tax dollars due the county's decision to grant tax appeals based on the Highlands Legislation -- the only county in the preservation area to grant tax appeals. All this happened under the unwatchful eye of Democratic Freeholder Lois Cuccinello who serves on The Highlands Council! I wonder if this is just another Passaic County Democrat Job Bank in the making? You can bet that the county will employ a lot of people at the marina. They may not know anything about boats, sailing, docks or personal flotation devices and they may not be even able to swim, but I do know one thing, they will all be good Democrats. Frank Hannan West Milford Republican