Marshall Hill and WM High School to switch principals

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    WEST MILFORD-As of September the principals of Marshall Hill School and West Milford High School will exchange jobs. Although there has been much speculation about the reason for the change,Superintendent Glenn Kamp said only that he believed it was in the best interest of the district. High School Principal Michael McCormack will go from overseeing 1442 pupils to 490. He will start his position at the elementary school with an annual salry of $117,822. Maureen Bernstock will step into the high school principal's office earning $123,750. In other board of education business, the Gifted and Talented Education Parent's Association continues to plead their case for keeping the GATE program alive as a full time elective in Macopin School. The board hired an instructor for a two-fifths position for GATE but declined to tell the parent's association what kind of part time program it will be. GATE parents aren't the only ones continuing to request the board re-evaluate its decisions. Parents and teachers from Maple Road want reconsideration on the two-section second grade, saying 25 to 27 students in each class is too many. None of the board members responded publicly to the request.