My Turn by Karen Sarnowski

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:00

    I would like to introduce West Milford to four new residents in town. They are here because they lost almost everything they owned in Hurricane Katrina. My husband and I have provided them a home to live in for the next six months but they need more support. Elizabeth and Brian Andrews brought their son and daughter, Nicholas and Abigail to NY to visit their grandmother who is terminally ill. While they were visiting, Hurricane Katrina struck their hometown of Saraland, Alabama. Fortunately they were spared the ordeal of evacuating, but are now forced to remain here with just what they brought for their visit. First and foremost they need a car. Elizabeth got a job in the city but even the bus stop was too far without a car. She feels fairly confident she can get another job but not until the transportation issue is solved. In fact, they don’t even have the ability to get to the supermarket at the moment. I have established an account at Lakeland Bank to collect donations to help them with this and of all the other items they need to get back on track. Brian had been working out of the local union hall as an apprentice boiler maker/iron worker and also has experience doing odd jobs such as industrial, commercial and residential painting, tank cleaning, minor carpentry, and landscaping. We have helped them create resumes which are available to prospective employers. FEMA and the Red Cross have promised a bed, a crib, a toddler bed, a kitchen table and a high chair, but to date, they have not been received. Elizabeth was able to get together a basic set up for cooking and dining, but can still use help with items like a coffee pot, pot holders, kitchen towels and such. I am appealing to the generosity of the residents of West Milford. Maybe you have already donated, but this is your opportunity to help someone directly. And you will know that every penny you give will help the Andrews family. Maybe you have an older car that you can donate or maybe you know of employment for either one of them. Whatever you can do or give will be accepted. I hope you will join us in welcoming them to West Milford and helping them out in their time of need. The account at Lakeland Bank is “The Andrews Family” and all branches have the appropriate information. A partial list of what the family can use is: car(s), job(s), child car seats (booster for 4year old and regular for 1 year old), high chair, living room and bedroom lamps, bedroom dressers, coffee pot, towels, cleaning supplies, blankets and sheets (crib size for the kids), clothing: fall and winter wear for both children, especially winter snow suits (Abigail is 24 mos - 2T and Nicholas is 4 - 5T), age appropriate toys for both children (4 year-old boy and 1 year-old girl). You can reach the Andrews directly at 973-853-0022 or myself at or 973-853-6893.