Osterhoudt is new Republican chair

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    When Doris Osterhoudt was elected as the new municipal chairwoman of the West Milford Republican Party it was merely the continuation of a long and honorable tradition of political leadership in her family. Osterhoudt spoke last week of her recent appointment and of her pride to follow in the footsteps of her late father Robert Little who had terms as both mayor and council member in West Milford for over twenty years. "He served for 22 years in both partisan and non-partisan councils and he certainly left me with many legacies. As for me, I am proud to lead the party as a dedicated Republican." Osterhoudt was born in Newfoundland and spent much of her adult life as a physical education teacher in both West Milford and Jefferson. She is now retired and having taken on the responsibility as Republican leader, Osterhoudt identified her objectives for the local party. "I intend to build up the Republicans and the local club. In fact we have already started by sending out questionnaires to local republicans." One of the major goals for Republicans in town this year will be to retain control on the township council in this year's elections. The GOP currently holds four of the six seats but two of those will face the vote in November and Democrats have already signaled their intent on gaining both. Former Township Mayor Phil Weisbecker and incumbent council member Carmelo Scangarello will fight the seats for the Republicans in what is expected to be a hotly contested battle. Osterhoudt kick started her leadership during an interview this week taking aim at the local press and the West Milford Messenger in particular. "We're not too pleased with your newspaper at the moment," Osterhoudt said, believing there to be a recently emerging bias towards the local Democrats. Osterhoudt continued, "I realize you cover both sides but we want it to be fair. I think there have been more favorable stories about the Democrats recently and few about Republicans." Osterhoudt made it clear she intends to spread the GOP message throughout her tenure as local party leader.