Padded budget is introduced

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    WEST MILFORD - The proposed 2004 township budget of $25.6 million was introduced May 5 with an aside from the mayor, who said it was being brought up to meet a deadline for the application of extraordinary state aid. He said the inflated budget would later be cut by the council and brought up subsequently for final budget consideration. The mayor's remarks caused one resident, Wayne Gottleib, to name the 2004 budget, "The Stalking Horse Budget." The council was cautioned about such budget strategies by former council member Andy Gargano, who said by submitting a higher budget to the state for the purpose of getting aid, the council could jeopardize future state aid to the township. It has happened before, the state is aware of the practice, and will it be looking, Gargano warned.