Post office to be renamed in honor of fallen soldier

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:51

    WEST MILFORD-By an act of Congress the postal office on Union Valley Road in West Milford will be renamed the Brian P. Parrello Post Office Building. The bill was passed July 26 in the House of Representatives to honor the life of Lance Corporal Parrello, who was killed while on military duty in Iraq on Jan. 1. The 19-year-old former West Milford High School student served with the U.S. Marine Corps. During his tour in Iraq Parrello served in the Marine swift-boat unit patrolling the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Parrello was killed as a result of hostile action in the city of Hadithah, along the Euphrates. Senator Frank Lautenberg introduced the move on April 26 and was supported by Congressman Scott Garrett in the House of Representatives. Garret spoke of Parrello as the bill was presented, saying, "He was an honorable defender of liberty, and he deserves our gratitude and respect." Garrett also talked of Parrello's high regard at high school, where he played on both the football and hockey teams and was considered a leader and role model. He also expressed consideration for Parrello's relatives, declaring, "Today, we also remember his family, and we send them our prayers and our comfort as well." Emil Cimorelli, officer-in-charge at West Milford Post Office, said this week that both Postmaster Joseph Inserra and he are now working on the procedural matters required to change the office name. "I expect it to take about 60 days and for the name change to be in effect sometime in October," said Cimorelli. As for exact timing and the extent of the unveiling, Cimorelli said, "We will consult with the family of Brian Parrello to agree on a good time with them. We will also ask them what type of ceremony they would prefer." Cimorelli said the move to change the name would mirror the procedure taken in Fairlawn, NJ, in November 2004 when the post office there changed its name. The Mary Ann Collura Post Office Building was named after a police officer who was shot and killed while on duty on April 17, 2003. In concluding his speech to the House, Garrett said, "I am proud that we can leave a lasting memorial so that his heroic actions can be remembered in this country for now and for future generations as well."