Recognition committee looking for corrections or additions

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:56

    The Operation Military Recognition Committee has compiled the following list of residents of West Milford who have served or are presently serving in the armed forces as of 9/11/01 to present. In order to ensure the proper recognition of all servicemen and women, we are publishing this list to solicit any corrections or additions. These names will be placed on a plaque at Town Hall to honor those who have served and are serving. Please contact Bonnie Earl at 973-728-3049 or with any corrections or additions. Anglesea, Robert E., Navy Barrett, Tim, Air Force Beckman, Ryan J., Air Force Benedict, Jason, Marines Benedict, Ryan, Marines Benedict, Timothy, Marines Berry,Chris, Marines Blackmire, Christian, Army Burlum, Matthew, Navy Burns, Garrett, Army Collier, Kevin, Marines Competiello, Michael, Navy Conners, Donald, Army Cottingham, Patrick, Air Force Cox, Pamela, Navy Curcio, Jeremy, Marines DeYoung, Dan, Air Force DiMenza, Tony, Navy Doster, Christopher, Army Drozd, Jeremiah, Army Dugger, Yon-Paul, Air Force Earl, Owen, Coast Guard Erik, Erica, Army Falzone, Robert, Army Flynn, Matthew, Army Fredrickson, David, Army Gallman, Matthew, Army Gallman, Zachary, Army Gamble, Anthony Gasparri / Hurley, Dawn, Army Gasparri, April, Army Geraghty, Christopher, Marines Glatz, Eric, Army Glatz, Gregory, Army Greiner, Eric, Navy Griffiths, Brad, Navy Gunther, Keith, Air Force Hardy, Jay, Coast Guard Healy, Jason, Marines Healy, Ryan, Marines Herdigen, Marc, Army Herly, Dawn Hernandez, Eric, Army Hudak, Christopher, Coast Guard Kammen, David, Army Kammen, Peggy, Army Klym, Matthew, Navy Kraszyk, Andrew, Army Kraszyk, Grace, Army Kwiecien, David, Army Langert, Ken, Air Force Larsen, Myles, Army Livingston, Zachary, Army LoCascio, Nikole, Army Lont, Steven, Navy Lore, Joseph, Marines Lubrano, Steven, Air Force Luogameno, Matthew, Air Force Luogameno, Noah, Air Force Lupo, Brian, Army Mainor, Andre, Navy May, David, Army McDowell, Emmet, Air Force Mincica, Daniel, Navy Miraglia, Philip, Army Morse, David Wayne Jr, Navy Moulton, Randy, Air Force Murphy, Sean, Coast Guard Nidezwicki, Matthew, Navy Nodo, Anthony, Army Norcia, Vincent , Marines O'Connor, Patrick, Air Force O'Daniel, James, Navy O'Leary, Mark, Marines Osborne, Cori, Air Force Perrillo, Brian, Marines Pesile, Christopher, Navy Ratcher,John, Air Force Reiher, Dan, Navy Reinhard, Kevin, Coast Guard Richnavsky, George , Army Rodriguez, Roberto, Army Rousch, Gregory, Army Sandor, Joshua, Army Schmidt, Adam, Army Schug, Michael, Navy Sheehan, Daniel, Marines Sisti, Anthony, Navy Smith, Earl, Army Smolinski, Jennifer, Navy Souder, Brian, Army Stender, Brett, Marines Stepper, Jason, Air Force Stillman, Robert Storms, John, Air Force Thorne, Bryan, Marines Thorne, William Lee, Army Toews, Derrick, Marines Tryder, Richard, Marines VanSplinter, Christopher VanWingerden, Daniel, Navy Weaver, Michael, Navy Welch, Denis, Army Wesdorp, Thomas , Army Wiggins, George, Army Wirth, Michael, Army Wirth, Terrence, Coast Guard